Gruntspud CVS Client


Click to enlarge. This is the main screen of Gruntspud using Metal look and feel with Gruntspud theme.Gruntspud is a graphical CVS client written in Java and licensed under the GPL. It uses the CVS client library from NetBeans as its core and supports nearly all of the commands that this library provides.

Gruntspud was conceived as a plug-in for the jEdit editor, but also runs as a standalone application.

One of the goals was to provide as much CVS control in a space that works well as both a floating and a docked window in jEdit. Two different views are provided, a tree view and a table view showing more information are provided as tabs within the hosting application and some simple filters are also provided.

You can start Gruntspud now using Java Web Start


12/04/2004 - Gentoo and Slackware

Gruntspud is now available both from Gentoo's portage tree and as a Slackware package. Gentoo users should emerge gruntspud.

11/04/2004 - 0.4.6-beta release

Its been a while, heres some highlights ...

  • The log graph has been fixed (this ones been around for quite a while!).
  • Much improved 'Add' command (recursive adds, automatic detetection of parent folders that need to be added).
  • Several options to better match the jEdit look and feel. All icons can be made monochrome, keyboard shortcuts can be disabled as can menu icons.
See the release notes included with all source distributions for more details.

If you like Gruntspud, you can also now donate to the project via the sourceforge project page.

01/12/2003 - 0.4.5-beta released

Very minor release, with a couple of bug fixes and a new feature ..

  • At last! The command progress monitor now shows the total progress of the command where possible.
  • Experimental diff. revision feature temporarily removed.
  • File permissions now get set correctly on supporting platforms.
Note: If you are upgrading, you will need to remove all installed Gruntspud plugins or you may have trouble running the application. Look in [user-home]/.gruntspud/plugin and remove all of the files.

29/11/2003 - 0.4.4-beta released

It seems there was still a problem with line endings on Windows which this release addresses. The conflict resolver in GruntspudSA has also been improved and a few more packages have had i18n support added (no translations yet though).

20/11/2003 - 0.4.3-beta released

The nasty line endings bugs has been fixed, together with a small amount of other fixes and new features. A start has been made on tidying up the source and adding javadoc's, as well as the beginnings of i18n support.

See the RELEASE_NOTES.txt included with the distributions

20/11/2003 - 0.4.2-beta warning

A serious issue has been discovered that could screw your sources. Under some circumstances, the first character of every line could be deleted. Unfortunately, I suffered disk failure and have only just got up and running but a fix should be available sometime in the next few days. In the meantime, I would suggest using the last stable release 0.2.2.

09/11/2003 - 0.4.2-beta is released

At last!
  • The style of line endings a file uses can be now be shown in the explorer.
  • Fixes for jEdit 4.2 plugin central release.
  • New option to not translate line endings at all ('Ignore')
  • Diff. improvements in standalone version
  • And much more. See the RELEASE_NOTES.txt included with the distributions for details.

10/05/2003 - 0.4.1-beta is released

Mainly bug fixes and a couple of new features.
  • Commit message could sometimes change itself.
  • New Directory filters. You can now also filter on 'Needs Attention', 'Project',  'Module', 'Up-to-date' and 'Plain'. Directory filters only work when your current home directory is defined as a project. The behaviour of some of the pre-defined filters has changed to take advantage of this, 'Commitable' for instance will only show directories that contain commitable files.
  • See the RELEASE_NOTES.txt included with the distributions for details.

24/04/2003 - 0.4.0-beta is released

At last, a new version of Gruntspud. Much has changed, heres some highlights
  • New 'projects' feature. Defining a directory as a project means that the whole file tree is loaded up front. This provides the ability to show directories that have files that need attention somewhere within, without them being opened. This takes more memory, but the benefits are worth it. This also vastly improves the performance of refiltering and flat mode.
  • New 'Styles' options. Files and replies from the server can be coloured however you choose using foreground, background and bold / italic.
  • Integrates with ErrorList plugin in jEdit to show where conflicts have occured.
  • The remote status of files can be retrieved and reflected in the explorer (use 'Status' and 'Update status in explorer' option) using the new 'Needs checkout', 'Needs merge' and 'Needs Patch' statuses. There can also be filtered, and in conjunction with flat mode make an excellent way of seeing what has changed without updating.
  • Fits a lot better into jEdit by using the File Browser fonts, colors and icons.
  • Much much more ...

Web Start

First ensure you have Java Web Start installed, then click here.

Note: The Web Start JAR is currently signed with a Thawte Personal Email Certificate.



Thanks to ...
  • Nate Sammons for his work on the report dialog and testing.
  • Nicholas Allen for the Log graph and Diff viewer from JavaCVS.
  • All Netbeans CVS library developers without who Gruntspud would have taken a lot longer.
  • SSHTools for providing native SSH2.
  • Jakub Steiner and the Gnome project for most of Gruntspud icon's
  • Jørgen Nørgaard for 0.4.2's diff. improvements
  • Everyone else who made suggestions and found bugs.
  • from JavaCVS.